DVC to showcase Boxxster disk recorder at NAB2008

At the NAB2008 Bavarian Pavilion, MikroM/DVC will showcase the Boxxster, an uncompressed disk recorder and encoding station for MPEG-2 and JPEG2000.

Boxxster can record and playback all popular HD, SD and DCI formats. By using the latest 2.5in hard disk technology, Boxxster has a compact design and delivers low-noise operation. Boxxster is also DVC's first step to green technology video servers and players.

Like all ClipRecorders from DVC, Boxxster is based on the QuickClip software platform, which provides VTR emulation allowing Boxxster to be controlled like a professional video recorder by RS-422 Sony nine-pin protocol. Additionally, Boxxster also supports the Louth/VDCP and Odetics clip-based protocols and can be frame-accurately controlled by existing ShowControl and animation systems.

For more information, visit www.digitalvideo.de.