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DTS to showcase IPTV surround audio for network delivery

At IBC, DTS will showcase its latest surround sound audio technology across IPTV broadcast services for the first time.

DTS said show attendees will get to experience its high-quality immersive surround sound emitted over several broadcast networks that leverage recent developments with DTS partners: Ateme, Ericsson, Free, Intel and ST Microelectronics. The DTS sound will be distributed across four screens — television, computer, car and mobile device.

The new DTS line-up includes IPTV service operators such as FTO and Free who rely on DTS Digital Surround processing to offer viewers a fuller, more realistic home audio experience, and Ateme products, including the Kyrion encoder/transcoder, which will integrate both DTS 5.1 and Neural Surround Sound technologies for imminent implementation. Ateme encodes the source material from the content owner and puts it into a usable format for broadcast.

DTS will also show network distribution hardware from Ericsson that boasts DTS 5.1 integration to a broadcast head-end, sending the encoded content through a signal to the network/set-top box. Also, Freebox, among other set-top box manufacturers, has a decoder with built-in DTS 5.1 and Neural Surround Sound integration. Freebox’s set-top offering includes the capabilities of a media player for IPTV compatibility

Finally, DTS will show Intel and ST Microelectronics chipsets with DTS technology that accelerate the audio processing within the set-top box.

Together, the company said, the above components support a complete IPTV broadcast ecosystem to extend the entertainment standard to the growing trend of Internet and mobile-ready platforms.