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DSC Unveils New Illuminator for Test Slides

DSC Labs has announced a new product, the Ambi Illuminator for lighting camera testing and alignment transparencies. The new light source is located externally to the transparency and provides very even illumination.

“The Ambi is extremely portable,” said Barry Russo, camera systems engineer for Panasonic Solutions. “Panasonic cameras are known for their amazing color, and DSC Labs provides us with some of the most important tools that we use on a daily basis. It's as easy as 'paint by numbers.' I set up the camera's color matrix and color correction using the [DSC] ChromaDuMonde transparency and a waveform/Vector Scope. There is no guesswork, as I simply put the vectors in their targets on the scope.”

The Ambi provides a plus or minus one percent evenness of illumination across the test chart and allows users to achieve close color temperature control. It features a portable design with locking wheels for easy relocation within the studio or studios. The unit is also optically shielded to reduce light leakage or surface flare.