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Dolby reference monitors offer accurate color rendition

Dolby Laboratories is now shipping its PRM-4200 Professional Reference Monitor, an LCD-based display that renders true black levels with exceptional dark detail and higher contrast across the entire color gamut.

The backlight of the Dolby Professional Reference Monitor consists of 1500 RGB LED triads, with the light element from each R, G, and B element independently controlled, frame by frame, to create a full-color backlight image displayed on the LCD panel in real time. Combined, the LED backlight and the LCD screen produce a final image with true blacks, exceptional dark detail, high dynamic range, and a wide, accurate color gamut. The monitor has been tested extensively by leading colorists, cinematographers and others in the industry.

Key feature benefits include extended dynamic range to monitor images shot with the latest digital cinema cameras; support for the DCI/P3 (digital cinema) color gamut specification, which allows users to color grade without the use of a digital cinema projector; precise color accuracy across all luminance levels; and the versatility to emulate any other display device so all content preparation and quality evaluation can be done on one monitor.