DNF Controls introduces GPI upgrade for A/B switch

DNF Controls has announced a new GPI card for the company’s SW2X1 electronic A/B switch. The GPI card enables switching of both GPIs and RS-422 signals, serving as a versatile replacement for mechanical A/B boxes and patch bays in applications including on-air automation, backup control and emergency switching between primary and secondary control systems.

The SW2X1 A/B switch was developed originally as a simple way to switch two RS-422 inputs to a single output; the new SW2X1-GPI card extends the utility of the system to address GPI inputs.

Up to four SW2X1 cards — GPI, RS-422 or a combination of the two — fit within a single 1RU housing. Each SW2X1-GPI card enables operators to switch between A and B groups of four GPI inputs to four GPI outputs.

The SW2X1-GPI card features opto-isolated GPI inputs and uses relay contact closure outputs to ensure complete isolation between individual inputs and outputs. In the event of a power failure, the A inputs are automatically switched to the output, which provides a default position for maintaining complete control of default devices.

Users can configure GPI inputs for “wet” or “dry” operation, selecting dry for input isolation or selecting wet to use the internal power supply.

For more information, visit http://www.dnfcontrols.com/.