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DK-Technologies Adds Waveform Monitor to DK T7 Audio Meter

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – Audio is getting visual, as DK-Technologies has announced that it has expanded the T7 series audio meter with the DKT7 Waveform Monitor. The T7-WFM is based on the T7++ motherboard and runs software from the PTO800 video series.

Utilizing a 256 tap FIR reconstruction filter, the T7-WFM offers high resolution and precision on the waveform presentation and is able to capture all data in the analyzed video stream. It also features three parade modes supporting R, G, B, Y, Cb, Cr and Vector Scope with user definable magnification.

The T7-WFM operates in all audio modes available in previous DKT7 software. The T7-WFM only uses 12W and is completely noiseless.

Users for purchase the audio version of T7 can order the meter “video ready” at the time of purchase as the T7++; the video option will be made available at a later date.