DK-Technologies adds Dolby E decoding support to waveform monitor

The addition of Dolby E decoding to the PT0760M makes it ready for 5.1 surround-sound applications
The DK-Technologies PT0760 waveform monitor now supports Dobly E decoding.

DK-Technologies has incorporated Dolby E technology into its PT0760M HD/SD multichannel video waveform monitor.

The waveform monitor can now decode Dolby E, which is optimized for distribution of surround and multichannel audio through digital two-channel post-production and broadcasting infrastructures. Embedded audio in HD/SD video or separate AES inputs (via a Dobly decoder module) are supported. It also can provide analog or AES audio outputs with integral level control.

The PT0760M, designed for OB vehicles, production studios, master control rooms and camera control units, is effectively four HD/SD waveform monitors in one box.

Its includes four separate auto-sensing HD/SD inputs that allow for the simultaneous display of four individual waveform monitors showing G, R, B, Y, Cb, Cr and luminance. A vectorscope also is included.

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