Digital Vision Tapped For HPA Award

Digital Vision has announced that it has been chosen as the recipient of the 2010 Hollywood Post Alliance (HPA) Engineering Award. The award will be presented in a special ceremony on Nov. 11, and is based on Digital Vision’s High Dynamic Range (HDR) workflow.

“Ultimately, it is our customers who continually raise the bar of excellence, and they help us push the boundaries in non-linear grading both in terms of creation and technology,” said Bruno Munger, Digital Vision senior product manager. “This HDR workflow impacts many aspects of the color grading process by opening up the process to 16-bit Half Float color space. We believe that it represents a dramatic improvement in the art and management of the color workflow from ingest to delivery. It is an absolute honor to be recognized by the HPA with an Engineering Award; we consider it the gold standard.”

The award-winning Digital Vision technology was driven by customers who wanted to break away from the 10-bit color workflow that was seen as a limiting factor. The 16-bit “Half Float” OpenEXR-based workflow that was developed allows high dynamic range content to the graded in “Half Float” native form in real time without needing any pre-conversions or suffering from loss of dynamic range or precision and precluding any loss of quality during the color mastering process.

The 2010 HPA Engineering Award is the second for Digital Vision. The company also received the organization’s 2007 award for its DVO product.