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Digital Nirvana Releases Trance 4.0 Captioning/Subtitle Generator

Digital Nirvana
(Image credit: Digital Nirvana)

FREMONT, Calif.—Digital Nirvana has unveiled an upgrade for its Trance self-service SaaS application, a tool that supports transcription, closed captioning and subtitle generation and automatic translations to localize content within media companies’ workflows.

Enhancements offered in Trance 4.0 include elaborate account management, modular rights for users and advance pro-captioning window for enterprises and individual users, Digital Nirvana said.

With its new modular application approach, Trance 4.0 can be used as a combined or individual tool for transcription, captioning, text localization or conformance of existing captions, it said. 

The latest version’s new and improved transcription window can be used as a standalone app rather than being part of a three-step transcription, captioning and subtitling workflow that only outputs after each step is completed.

The company has made major changes to the pro-captioning window to make it more user-friendly and efficient. Machine-generated timecodes can be adjusted using spectrogram and manual inputs and the window now enables user to upload media, generate automatic captions and display using desired presets defined by the user or organization, it said.

An extension of the pro-captioning window, text localization can now be used as a Trance module to focus on localizing captions. Users can now import existing captions and quickly use the machine translation feature to generate highly accurate localized text specifically designed for subtitling purposes, the company said.

The caption-conformance app allows users to import text with new presets to conform with various publishing platforms. It automatically reviews text and highlights any nonconformities with selected guidelines, it said.

Digital Nirvana also has upgraded Trance’s management functions. The dashboard now allows better real-time visibility into which users are online and the progress of jobs.

The new version offers enhanced user control over processing jobs with the addition of the ability to choose from available jobs, import a transcript and create captions with existing or new presets, it said.

Trance 4.0 now allows enterprises to assign work items to internal staff and to share work items with Digital Nirvana’s service team to receive fully qualified, human-curated output using the same application, it said.

More information is available on the company’s website (opens in new tab).

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