CW11 Recasts Itself as “PIX”

NEW YORK: WPIX-TV, the CW affiliate in New York, is affecting a facelift. The station has rebranded as PIX, phasing out CW11, and is rolling out a new logo and graphics, including a time-and-temp icon that changes with the seasons. A new “sonic” soundtrack is part of the package as well.

“In challenging economic times, it’s easy to take your eye off creative innovation,” said Lee Abrams, chief “innovation” officer for Tribune, owner of WPIX. “We look at it as a rare opportunity, that coupled with increasing competition for the eyes and ears of America is critical for growth and relevance.”

WPIX said it has “designed a cohesive visual package and a sonic presentation that reflects the spirit, diversity and imagination of New York. PIX reaches viewers throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, and the newly created on-air vision captures this span.”

The station claims to be the first to provide instant replay during the July 17, 1959 Yankees game against the White Sox, and the first to air the Rolling Stones in New York when they appeared on the station’s “Clay Cole Show” in 1964.