CSTV Launches the CSTV 2 Go Mobile College Sports Information Delivery System

CSTV Networks, the leading digital sports media company and part of CBS Corp., and VeriSign, the leading provider of intelligent infrastructure for the networked world, jointly announced the launch of products that connect fans to their favorite college teams via their mobile device. The announcement marks the launch of "CSTV 2 Go," a multi-platformed CSTV initiative to keep college sports fans connected to their favorite sports and teams via handheld devices.

"College sports fans want to show their pride wherever they are," said Brian Bedol, president and CEO, CSTV. "VeriSign's scalable and reliable infrastructure will allow CSTV to deliver new rich-media applications to these passionate consumers in realtime, nationwide and 24/7."

Utilizing the VeriSign Mobile Delivery Services and VeriSign Intelligent Portal Services, the first phase of CSTV's mobile offerings include customized team news alerts via Short Message Service ("SMS"), as well as the opportunity to purchase custom ringtones and wallpapers for approximately 100 colleges and universities across the United States, including University of Southern California, Ohio State University, Florida State University and others. The mobile alerts product allows fans to select the sports, and frequency, for which they receive scores and headlines from their favorite schools. As with all CSTV 2 GO Products, the mobile content can be accessed at www.cstv.com/wireless.

Taking mobile alerts to a new level, the information will be available for up to 15 men's and women's sports, and with frequency options ranging from final score to as detailed as per inning, per period or per half.

"In the spirit of providing access to content virtually anywhere, anytime, and on any device, we're working with CSTV to connect college sports fans to the content they want," said Jeff Treuhaft, senior vice president, Digital Content Services, VeriSign. "With access to a large network of schools and college sports fans, CSTV is a progressive company, driving the 3-screen experience for its users."

The VeriSign Mobile Delivery Services is powering CSTV's premium SMS alerts program, which allows college sports fans to get the latest updates on scores and sports headlines. Consumers can easily find their favorite schools and subscribe to mobile alerts on the CSTV website on a variety of sports. With VeriSign's experience and infrastructure, the custom-built solution is integrated with CSTV's existing XML feeds, enabling CSTV to introduce this new service to consumers.

Building on college sports fans' loyalty to their favorite schools and sports, CSTV also uses the VeriSign Intelligent Portal Services to offer college sports-themed mobile content, including ringtones and wallpaper downloads for approximately 100 schools.