Crispin Unveils 'Crispin 4 Life' No Annual Fee Support Plan

Crispin Corporation, a leading worldwide provider of broadcast automation software, equipment, services and support, today unveiled Crispin 4 Life, a new no annual fee support plan.

Under Crispin 4 Life, all current and future Crispin customers will be eligible for up to seven years of free technical support for their solution at its initial location of installation. Crispin chose that time period based on the observed times of replacement cycles among its customer base. All current Crispin support customers are eligible for this plan.

“We continue to listen to our customers and every customer has expressed to us the pain they face in having an ongoing fee requirement,” said Alan DeVaney, president and founder of Crispin Corporation. “We believe that it’s our responsibility to provide our customers with software that performs as advertised and that our customers should not have to pay extra to get it after the sale.”

The new policy will not cover any elective changes a customer makes to their system (e.g., new traffic system) nor does it extend to hardware. Hardware is still covered under Crispin’s standard three-year warranty.

The new plan does not include any upgrades which qualify as new products or which add significant new functionality to existing products. Crispin will provide maintenance releases as necessary, during the seven-year period. Industry standard drivers as defined by Crispin are included as are fixes to these drivers.

“We’re excited about our new support plan and we’re looking forward to strengthening our relationships with our customers,” said Dave Neal, CEO of Crispin Corporation. “We stand by our products—our customers should not have to pay for a high level of support.”