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Crispin Introduces New Version Of Supervisory View

Crispin Corporation, a worldwide leader in broadcast automation software, equipment, services and support, has introduced a new version of Supervisory View, a high-level monitoring feature.

Supervisory View now incorporates a complete ninety-minute timeline view of each channel’s playlist. The timeline view highlights potential errors and warnings with specific events related to missing or incorrect material, device errors or warnings that an operator is needed for manual intervention (e.g. such as for starting or ending a live event). It also incorporates a scrolling index of cued and on-air events per channel. This feature provides another level of verification for operators familiar with the schedule.

Crispin’s Supervisory View enables operators to see, from a single screen, multiple play-to-air channel status complete with visual notification of messages, warnings and operator intervention requests. Supervisory View notifies operators of an impending event through a set of color-specific flashing indicator boxes: yellow for caution events, orange for warnings and red for errors. Operators have the freedom to designate how much time in advance of an intervention event to start an alert. These early indicators allow operators to quickly evaluate and address errors before they develop; operators may then focus on additional tasks within the facility.

Supervisory View’s features become increasingly important in multichannel environments, where operators are already monitoring multiple playlists for different network feeds. Supervisory View prioritizes tasks in the order that they’re needed, greatly reducing on-air problems.

Supervisory View can be distributed to multiple screens within a broadcast facility, allowing additional personnel and/or departments to monitor the playlist and associated tasks, without the need for a dedicated operator.

Crispin will demonstrate the new Supervisory View at NAB, Booth SU6205 South Upper Hall.