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Cox Media, DirecTV on Verge of Station Blackout

(Image credit: AT&T)

ATLANTA—Cox Media Group is warning DirecTV customers for 14 stations that they could lose access to their local station in the early hours of Feb. 2 if the two sides are unable to reach a retransmission deal. CMG shared the news on the websites of the potentially impacted stations.

CMG said in these announcements that AT&T/DirecTV “has refused to negotiate a fair deal that recognizes the value customers place” on their local stations. While CMG says that is continuing to negotiate with AT&T, if no deal is reached the channels will blackout for DirecTV customers, losing their local news, sports and entertainment programming.

AT&T issued a statement via the TV Answer Man blog, saying:

“We’re disappointed to see Cox Media Group put our customers into the middle of a private business matter. We want to keep the Cox stations in their local lineups, but Cox alone has exclusive control over which homes are allowed to receive ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and CW in certain cities. Cox-owned stations have a long history of either threatening or pulling the Super Bowl and other important events from our customers and other providers. We continue to work with Cox to try to avoid any unnecessary disruption and appreciate our customers’ patience while we do.”

Cox just recently settled an 18-day blackout with Altice USA/SuddenLink.

As for the current negotiations with AT&T/DirecTV, should negotiations fail, these are the 14 stations that would be impacted:

  • WSB-TV (ABC), Atlanta 
  • WFXT-TV (Fox), Boston 
  • WSOC-TV (ABC), Charlotte, N.C. 
  • WAXN-TV (IND), Charlotte 
  • WHIO-TV (CBS), Dayton, Ohio 
  • WFOX-TV (Fox), Jacksonville, Fla. 
  • WFOX2-TV (MNT), Jacksonville 
  • WHBQ-TV (Fox), Memphis, Tenn. 
  • WFTV-TV (ABC), Orlando, Fla. 
  • WRDQ-TV (IND), Orlando 
  • WPXI-TV (NBC), Pittsburgh 
  • KIRO-TV (CBS), Seattle 
  • KOKI-TV (Fox), Tulsa, Okla. 
  • KMYT-TV (MNT), Tulsa