Contemporary Research to Debut QMOD 1.5 Modulators at the 2014 NAB Show

LAS VEGAS—At this year’s NAB Show, Contemporary Research will debut its next generation of QMOD HDTV technology, including: QMOD-SD11.5, QMOD-HDMI1.5 and QMOD-YPB2. The modulators support two video streams (RF and IP), two audio formats (AC-3 and AES stereo), two captioning options (708/608 and Line 21), and two MTS language programs for each channel. They mount two-across in one rack space and feature unique flex encoding to convert non-ATSC video formats into a QAM cable channel.

The QMODs all support GigE Ethernet, IPTV streaming, IP control and onboard Web pages for setup, operation, monitoring and firmware updates, while screw terminals allow control for EAS broadcast. The new architecture is also open to adding any encoding methods and features from future firmware updates.

The QMOD-SDI1.5 features HD-SDI (up to 3G), component and composite/CC inputs, and supports SDI embedded, digital coax, optical and stereo audio. The QMOD-HDMI1.5 includes HDMI (non-HDCP) and RGBHV/component inputs that support 1080p/720p (60 Hz) video from PCs or consumer HD cameras. And the QMOD-YPB2 delivers cost-effective dual-channel distribution of component cable and satellite TV sources, supported by dual component, composite/CC, stereo and coax audio inputs.

The 2014 NAB Show takes place in Las Vegas, April 5-10.

Contemporary Research will be in booth SU11902.

Claudia Kienzle