Community Broadcasters Honor Sen. Burns

The Community Broadcasters Association presented Sen. Conrad Burns (R-Mont.) with a lifetime achievement award this week in Washington. The award recognizes individuals who have made significant and influential contributions in support of the Class A and low-power television industry.

“Senator Burns has been a champion on behalf of community broadcasters not only in Montana, but across the country,” said Jason Roberts, president of the CBA. “His efforts to ensure local programming and promote the low-power television industry have been consistent and reliable, and the CBA felt it appropriate that such efforts be given a special honor such as our Lifetime Achievement Award.”

Burns, who became Chairman of the Communications subcommittee in 1997, introduced the Community Broadcasters Protection Act in the Senate in 1999, and aided its passage though his committee and on the Senate floor. The CBPA is considered one of the most significant pieces of legislation to the low-power television industry.

“I understand the issues broadcasters face in Montana, since that’s where I got my start. I am humbled by this award and so pleased that our efforts on this issue have been helpful,” Burns said. “We have important work ahead on digital television and spectrum reform, and we’ll keep working closely with broadcasters, especially low-power stations, to meet their needs.”