Comcast Colorado Partners in TV Receiver Recycling Initiative

Comcast Colorado has joined “Screen to Green,” a cable industry program to educate consumers in proper disposal methods for discarded television sets, and is planning a campaign to help ensure that the glut of unwanted electronic devices in the Denver area present minimal risk to the environment.

The Screen to Green or “S2G” program to educate the public on the hazards of indiscriminately dumping TV sets in landfills is set to kick off with a June 28 “S2G TV Recycling Rally.” Recyclers will be present to receive television sets and other consumer electronic waste.

“As we continue to innovate and deliver advanced entertainment services such as VOD and HDTV, we want to partner with consumers to help them responsibly recycle their old technology when they embrace the new,” said Scott Binder, Comcast Colorado’s senior vice president. “We’re proud to present Screen to Green as this initiative is a natural extension of our local efforts to implement programs and participate in tangible initiatives that make a positive impact on the environment.”

Television receivers and other discarded electronic items may contain toxic substances including beryllium, lead, mercury and other substances which are harmful to mankind and the environment. Unless proper precautions are taken in their disposal, these materials can leach into aquifers or create airborne pollution. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency figures indicate that in 2005 alone an estimated 1.5 million tons of consumer electronic devices wound up in landfills.