Cobalt Digital Introduces Dual-Channel Test Signal Generator

URBANA, ILL. – Cobalt Digital has introduced the 9960-TG2-REF1 3G/HD/SD-SDI dual-channel test signal generator. An openGear card, the 9960-TG2-REF1 is able to send two separate tests on two separate paths of the facility’s video chain.

The 9960-TG2-REF1 card can generate tests signals for video, audio, analog, timecode, data and more. The card allows users to set up dual test packages that can run simultaneously on two different paths to test two different parts of the chain. It also includes ANC data generators to check all standard ANC packages.

Also featured in the 9960-TG2-REF1 is bouncing box animation that serves as a raster confidence check. The animated moving box ensures active video is passing through the chain. A stress-test generation is also included in the card that can send illegal characters into the video path to check if downstream systems will catch them.

The 9960-TG2-REF1 will be available in the second quarter of this year.