Cobalt Digital Announces Price Cut

Cobalt Digital has announced a “dramatic” price reduction in its openGear line of 3 Gbps video distribution amplifiers. The company said that effective on Aug. 12, 2010, the price would be dropped to an average of 50 percent of the former cost.

“Lowering the cost of a product that is a staple in every broadcast facility is our way of helping our customers and our industry gain economic momentum as we recover from a world-wide recession,” said Chris Shaw, Cobalt’s vice president of sales and marketing at Cobalt. “Our prices may have been reduced, but our quality has never been better.”

The d.a.s are part of the Cobalt Digital 9000 series of openGear equipment, which also includes, format convertors, frame syncs, and embedders/de-embedders. More information can be obtained at the company’s website.