Clear-Com Boosts Chinese Broadcaster’s Remote Operations

Clear-Com CCTV
(Image credit: Clear-Com)

ALAMEDA, Calif.—Chinese broadcaster CCTV Pioneer Media & Entertainment (CPEC) recently incorporated a number of Clear-Com platforms for a new media department to establish reliable communications between stations and on-site camera operators for live social media broadcasts. This included the HelixNet Digital Network, LQ IP series interfaces and the Agent-IC mobile intercom app.

CPEC’s New Media Department used its new technology during a remote production at the Beijing World Art Museum, where team members were on-site at the museum and had to communicate with the CPEC Media Center.

To achieve this, all crew at the museum downloaded the Agent-IC app to their mobile devices, while the HelixNet digital main station, three desktop portable remote stations and three LQ series devices were deployed at the Media Center. HelixNet could connect to the three LQ devices via secure LAN, WAN or Wi-Fi, which enabled all fixed points to communicate with the 24 remote Agent-IC users.

“During the live production, the communication between production members was stable, clear and crisp,” said Zhai Yujia, technical director for the New Media Department.

“The Clear-Com system has greatly contributed to our live broadcasts for social media, and the new equipment also allows our other diverse activities to operate smoothly,” concluded Zhai.