ChyronHego Acquires Sound & Video Creations Inc.

MELVILLE, N.Y.—ChyronHego is taking a seat in the sports stadium presentation and broadcast side of the industry, announcing that it has acquired Sound & Video Creations Inc. The Nashville, Tenn.-based developer of digital content management and delivery technology is known for its ClickEffects family of products for live A/V entertainment production, including the CrossFire, Blaze, BackDraft and ProAudio.

The ClickEffects systems are capable of providing services that include video playback and replay, data deliver, graphics generation and audio content delivery.

According to ChyronHego’s press release, ClickEffects systems have been deployed by more than 75 percent of Major and Minor League baseball teams, and by nearly 65 percent of professional football, hockey and basketball teams. The company also reports that hundreds of colleges and universities use it for their sporting events.