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Chyronhas provided 10 HyperX³.¹ on-air graphics playout systems to NBC Olympics during its production of the 2012 London Olympic Games, July 27-Aug. 12, 2012.

At the Olympic Games, there's no room for error, and every second counts. The centralized asset storage capability powered by Chyron's HyperX³.¹ and Apple's Xsan 2 is a tremendous time-saver, enabling operators to instantly access media assets that were once only available to the Mac systems.

Relying on Chyron's HyperX³.¹ and Apple's Xsan 2 storage area network, this collaborative workflow environment promises to bring powerful new efficiencies and time savings to the NBC Olympics' graphics production team as they insert graphics displays for the network's live coverage of the London Games.

NBC Olympics worked closely with Chyron and Dynamic Performance Technologies to integrate this powerful graphics workflow solution. After building graphics elements in Adobe Creative Suite, the NBC Olympics production team is able to move them seamlessly to editing suites and then to devices for playout to air. Since HyperX³.¹ supports Adobe's XMP metadata platform, artists are able to embed critical information about each graphical element — for instance, the correctly spelled name, age and home country embedded in a specific athlete's head shot.

The finished graphics can then be instantly accessed by the HyperX³.¹ operators by clicking a folder from their workstations, a capability that previously was only possible by searching for the assets on a server and then downloading them into the playout system. Any changes to image metadata need only be made once, and the metadata fields are automatically populated at every point at which the graphic will be used. When the graphic is inserted into the programming, the accompanying metadata is automatically extracted and displayed, so NBC Olympics' production staff no longer needs to worry if names are spelled correctly and information about the graphic is accurate.