CCTV Taps Telestream for 8K Broadcast Tests

Telestream CCTV 8K Test
(Image credit: Telestream)

NEVADA CITY, Calif.—China Central TV (CCTV) recently conducted a live test of an 8K UHD TV channel broadcast, using multiple Telestream systems for the test. CCTV says that this was the world’s first 8K UHD TV live broadcast across a 5G network.

CCTV, supported by China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom and China Radio and Television, broadcast the 8K UHD signals over 5G from the Beijing National Grand Theater and Shanghai International. To do so, it utilized Telestream’s full 2110 IP solution, including the Inspect 2110 IP monitoring system, PRISM waveform monitor and SPG8000A precision multiformat video signal generator.

The Inspect 2110 and Prism monitors help CCTV monitor IP 2110 8K signals in real-time. Telestream also provides IP 2110 network health protection and automatic alarm functions, and checks the main consistency of the main and backup channels. 

The images were broadcast in public places on more than 30 UHD large screens and China’s first consignment of 8K TVs across Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Jinan, Haikou and Qingdao.

CCTV has plans for additional 8K UHD broadcasts, including one for its Chinese New Year’s Eve celebrations. In 2022, CCTV expects to start broadcasting 8K UHD channels in the run-up to the Beijing Winter Olympics, with plans to implement 8K UHD as the standard production format for the games. This will include 8K Telestream live monitoring from content production to editing and broadcasting.

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