CBT/SMARTdesks provides new way to communicate over IP with Viewpoint

CBT/SMARTdesks has introduced a new model for HD video conferencing with the Viewpoint self-contained mobile studio for HD communications over IP. Viewpoint packages all components required for HD conferencing in one compact solution.

Designed for mobility and placement where communications take place, instead of occupying a fixed position in a conference room, the quickly deployed Viewpoint turns a 9ft by 9ft space into an on-location HD studio.

Viewpoint includes an HD Sony PTZ video camera, a 16:9 monitor and LED video lights mounted to a standard tripod, which is positioned to support Viewpoint's deck for vibration-free performance. The HD camera may be positioned at eye level or just above and can be adjusted to frame other subjects. The LED video lights are battery-operated, feature adjustable variable intensity and include a diffuser and warming gel. Viewpoint's deck can be positioned for sitting or standing and offers three cutouts for positioning on-camera subjects. The phone or microphone system is placed on the deck, while the system's codec is mounted to a bracket on the column.

Users can apply graphic backgrounds with Viewpoint to further enhance the communications experience, and options for laptops and Web cams are available for participation from remote locations.