CBS46 Atlanta Debuts New Set

OCOEE, FLA. —The FX Design Group recently redesigned the news set at Atlanta’s CBS46 affiliate, WGCL.

Storytelling, breaking news, traffic and weather coverage are now enhanced by special features built into the set, including a main video wall in a curved 3x6x46” array as a backdrop to the anchors, traffic and other features. This enables WGCL to both change the backgrounds and to showcase story content with graphics, video, animations and content. A tvOne CORIOmaster Mini is the control unit for the video wall.

“We really wanted to integrate and stay true to other key CBS affiliates by utilizing a lot of blues and silvers,” said FX Set Designer Stephen Ricker.

Both the anchor desk and the weather desk design integrate Christie MicroTiles to provide motion branding for various newscasts, breaking news, and severe weather situations. These colorful, dynamic tiles provide more pixels and are more high contrast and flicker-free than.

A leading piece of the set design was the move from incandescent lights to revolutionary LED studio lighting. These lights are green and use significantly less power. There are many color-changing LED light ribbons throughout, which add to the overall effect.

“With the help of Desisti Lighting, these LED configurations come to life and sets take on a living, breathing feel all their own,” said Zach Osborn, FX lighting director.

Additionally, a reporter area camera left of the anchor desk, has a three-monitor array where each of the monitors can swivel from a horizontal to a vertical orientation. This will be key while showcasing reporter stand-ups and news segments.