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CBS Beefs Up SportsLine Net for Broadband Environs

CBS Sports is launching a 24-hour multimedia digital sports network by expanding (opens in new tab) As part of the new on-demand broadband network, CBS Sports will provide game logs, or "glogs"--lively observations about the action on the field or court as it happens.

"We're going to bring this color commentary to the Web," said Larry Kramer, president CBS Digital Media. "It enables us to take more programming to users."

Consumers are getting used to seeing content when they want to and with however much time they have to devote to it, he added.

New features include the "The EyeBox," an on-site video player that offers a "build-your-own playlist" to show free, original video from CBS and CBS Sports. In addition, CBS will produce three video segments centering on its fantasy games, "Who's Hot, Who's Not," "Roster Trends Report" and "Start 'em and Sit 'em."

Jason Horowitz, CBS host, said he's extremely happy to be part of the pioneering network and hopes that it will take off and become a large part of sports in the future. Ray Ratto of the San Francisco Chronicle will be tapped to provide sports reporting. Also, a stringer network made up to 100 contributors will provide a regional network through customized home pages.

As far as showing game highlights on the new network, the same rules apply for Web as for TV. It depends on the sport, and if the company owns the rights they can use the content. So CBS Sports can use the highlights for NCAA coverage if they choose.

As of now, this new content is mostly free except for fantasy sports league participation and a VIP section.