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Cartoni UV-C Boxer Proven to Neutralize Microorganisms, Including COVID

Cartoni UV-C Boxer
(Image credit: Cartoni)

ROME—Cartoni has shared that its UV-C Boxer was recently certified by Texas-based Microchem Laboratory as being able to neutralize microorganisms, including COVID-19, in 3 minutes. Per Cartoni, this makes UV-C the first production device proven to disinfect.

The UV-C Boxer, which is equipped with 10 medical-grade UV-C (100-280nm) lamps, was found to disinfect 99.985% of microorganisms, per Microchem. With its box design and large chambers, Cartoni says productions and rental houses can evenly sanitize multiple objects at a time.

Microchem tested the UV-C boxer with 64 plates of antibiotic resistant bacteria and other microorganisms, including COVID-19, on different materials. Each microorganism was also tested at five different positions within the UV-C Boxer’s chamber, per Cartoni.

“We are thrilled to be able to provide a certified solution to disinfect props, gear and devices as the world and our industry look to get back to work—safely,” says Elisabetta Cartoni, the CEO of Cartoni Professional Camera Supports. “Although designed for the production community, we can see how the Boxer could have other applications in other industries.”

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