Canon Files STA for Expo 2015

NEW YORK—Canon USA is reserving frequencies for its Expo at the Jacob Javitts Center in New York Sept. 10-11. The tech giant has applied with the Federal Communications Commission for Special Temporary Authority in the 2 and 5 GHz bands for use during the trade show.

“Canon will be hosting its Expo 2015 trade show at the Javitts Center in [New York City] in early September 2015,” the STA stated. “Canon will be exhibiting new products and is seeking an STA for products to be demonstrated at the show. For information purposes, Canon requested and received STA approval for its prior 2010 Expo and worked with FCC staff... to obtain STA authorizations.”

Canon made the application for six types of transmitters; four of its own and two from Buffalo, Inc. All transmission types are either orthogonal frequency division multiplexing or direct-sequence spread spectrum. The highest effective radiated power is 2,400 milliwatts at 2.4 and 5.7 GHz frequencies.

Canon’s Expo runs concurrent to the IBC Show in Amsterdam, which is scheduled for Sept. 10-15.