Canada’s TVA improves on-air look with Chyron graphics

TVA is the largest French language broadcast network in North America
The two HyperX2 graphics systems, which are installed in the station’s studio control room, help generate all of the station’s HD graphics for its local news programs.

TVA, the French-language broadcaster in Montreal, has installed three new HD/SD HyperX2 graphics systems from Chyron to complement an existing trio that are used extensively to generate leading-edge HD graphics.

TVA is the largest French language broadcast network in North America. The Chyron systems are used for TVA’s range of entertainment, information and public affairs programming, plus commercial production and home shopping operations that reach millions of Canadian viewers.

The Hyper X2 is an on-air graphics system that combines Chyron’s Lyric PRO 2D/3D content creation software with a video graphics processor that delivers more than twice the performance of its predecessor.

In addition, the company’s CAMIO cluster — a fully redundant pair of CAMIO servers which removes the single points of failure from mission-critical news graphics operations — now provides an easy-to-use interface to create, preview and publish highly sophisticated graphics without fear of loss or degradation.

Coupled with Chyron’s iSQ, a centralized remote monitoring and playout application, TVA can control independent output channels across multiple devices of MOS-generated playlists.

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