Victor Miller to Exit Wall Street

Bear Stearns’ Victor Miller has announced that he will be leaving Wall Street after 21 years. The veteran television analyst punctuated his prolific report output on Thursday with a touching note of gratitude:

“Dear Broadcasters, Portfolio Managers and Analysts,
After 21 years of covering the broadcasting business from the banking (Chase Manhattan Bank) and sell-side research (Bear Stearns) perspectives, I have decided to leave Wall Street in pursuit of interests more closely aligned with my faith-walk.”

Miller thanked his colleagues, clients and the companies he worked with over the last two decades.

“Thanks for entertaining debate on the state of broadcasting,” he wrote. “Thanks for allowing us to express our concerns. And thanks for at least considering our advice and counsel! I want you to know that I love the TV and radio broadcasting business and have enjoyed taking the ride with all of you. I extend blessings to you as you continue to be good stewards of the broadcasting industry and your companies.”

Miller was not specific about his future plans and continued to crank out his usual volume of reports in the wake of his announcement. His notes were reliably accessible, succinct and often cheeky. “Other-worldly quarter, pedestrian multiple?” he wrote regarding a good quarter logged in a bad period by one station group.

Miller also displayed a fondness for applying Madonnaisms to his reports. “Living in a Political World,” a la “Material Girl,” was a favorite; “Desperately Seeking 2008 and Beyond” was a twist on the pop star’s most successful film.

Victor Miller will be sorely missed in the broadcast sector. Television Broadcast wishes him the best of fortune going forward.