Broadcast Pix unveils low-cost live video production systems

With an eye towards broadening its market appeal, at IBC, Broadcast Pix introduced Mica, a family of smaller-sized versions of its popular Granite live HD video production systems. The new Mica switchers start as a system that includes a multi-definition switcher that can mix eight HD/SD-SDI inputs with seven channels of internal clips, animations, and graphics.

All Mica systems support up to six keyers and DVEs, six HD/SD-SDI outputs and two DVI outputs. It also includes a 30-hour clip store, a Harris or optional Chyron character generator and Broadcast Pix Fluent software that tightly integrates video and file-based content. Combined, it allows a single operator to operate an entire live production.

Housed in a single 4 RU case, Mica features an I/O board with a wide back panel for easy, uncluttered connectivity. Mica Desktop can be controlled through a touch screen or mouse interface. Mica 500 includes a control surface with a patented device control section. Mica 1000 and Mica 2000, with larger and more powerful control panels, sport patented PixButtons that dynamically display sources and devices in the button to switch with confidence.

All four Mica models are available now and customers can easily upgrade to Broadcast Pix’s Granite HD models as the need arises.

To see a short video on Mica, click here.