Broadcast Pix boosts switcher line with 3Gb/s support

Integrated production system provider Broadcast Pix is coming to NAB with a revamped signal processing platform that is fully upgradeable to 3Gb/s functionality, making it compatible with the emerging 1080p/60 production format. It’s also capable of handling two 720p HD program streams simultaneously, or two SD and one HD stream.

The new Slate G series, which enhances and replaces the current generation of Broadcast Pix’s live integrated production systems, includes a new quad-core workstation that handles native 720 and 1080p signals. Now with a wide migration path that includes high-quality HD signals, users can start with a 1M/E Slate 100 G for SD productions and upgrade it to full 1080p HD operation by changing out some internal circuit boards.

The biggest change might be the platform’s move from native 480p processing to full HD resolutions. The system continues to offer great value with an internal clip store, five channels of graphics, Inscriber CG, multiview monitor and 16:9/4:3 aspect correction.

Among the new features of the G series is new watch-folder software that enables content from edit stations to be sent over a network into the G series, even during a live production. The watch-folders feed Slate’s integrated clip stores and still stores, which have now been upgraded to HD. New HD clip formats include Apple ProRes, MPEG-4 and AVC/H.264. The built-in Inscriber CG is also now upgraded to HD.

Five new Slate G series models were announced and are priced the same as the models they replace. Each of the five new models is a complete live video production system. The Slate 100G features one channel of clip store, five channels of graphics, Inscriber CG, multiview monitor and 16:9 / 4:3 aspect correction. The Slate 1000G adds a control panel. The Slate 2100G and 3000G add more I/O and redundancy. The Slate 5000G has a larger control panel and 2 M/E switcher. Previous Slate systems can upgrade to the new G series at a cost.

The Slate G series and a prototype of its 3G upgrade (which is expected later in the year) will be shown at NAB in the Broadcast Pix booth (#SU2617).

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