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Broadcast Pix Announces Sports Bundle

BILLERICA, MASS.— Broadcast Pix announced its Sports Bundle, a tightly integrated package of the company’s Granite X large-scale integrated production switcher, ReVue slow motion system, and FX3D real-time 3D graphics platform. The bundle provides the switching, multi-camera replay, and 3D graphics expected by sports viewers.

The bundle is built around the Granite X 2 M/E production switcher, with 22 SDI inputs, 12 outputs, seven channels of file-based inputs, six key layers, dual-channel clip server, and access to cloud-based content. Granite X also features a number of additional built-in production tools – including a customizable multi-view, CG, and file-based macros – plus several control panel choices.

Developed in collaboration with strategic partner EditShare, ReVue offers variable speed playback of two or four channels of video in sync, so it is easy to cut between cameras and find the best replay angle. Its compact controller includes a jog/shuttle wheel for reviewing footage, intuitive controls for manual and preset playback speeds, and dedicated buttons for marking in and out points for playback. ReVue’s on-screen user interface makes it easy to keep track of marked clips and replays, and Granite X can trigger playlists directly from the production switcher.

FX3D’s three software modules— and preloaded graphics and animations—create a simplified end-to-end graphics workflow. FX3D Creator software provides an intuitive interface to design and create graphic content, complete with a built-in 3D modeler. Users can also import 3D models from Maya, Lightwave, or 3DS max, then add animation, texture mapping, and lighting. FX3D API allows the system to be controlled through Granite X, and also allows integration with third-party products. FX3D Playout, a template-based rundown controller, brings completed graphics to air, allows manual or automatic graphic content updates, and allows users to search assets using a variety of parameters, including keywords and date.