Bolivia TV Acquires For-A Equipment for HD Transition

CYPRESS, CALIF. – Preparing for its transition to HD, Bolivia TV has purchased a number of For-A video production equipment. The order included video switchers, character generators, signal processors and routing switchers.

VTW-350HS character generator

Among the products acquired by the La Paz-based broadcast station were 10 HVS-110 portable video switchers, which offers mixed HD/SD input, frame synchronizing, re-sizing engine, 2.5D wipe effects, DVE, Chroma keyer and DSK. The switcher also features a multi-viewer, clip memory feature, and built-in Web server for remote programming via a PC or tablet.

The station also purchased 10 MFR-3232 routing switchers, a32-input, 32-output unit with interface function; 10 VTW-350HS HD/SD character generators, providing text and graphic functions; and 10 FA-9520 signal processors, featuring up/down/cross/aspect conversion, full color correction and automatic video optimizer, in addition to serving as a frame synchronizer.

For-A is a manufacturer and distributor of broadcast video and audio systems based in Cypress, Calif.