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Bluebell Opticom and Suitcase TV Partner on Video-Over-IP

BERKSHIRE, ENGLAND – After recently teaming up on a project replacing traditional HD-SDI links with IP Technology, Bluebell Opticom and Suitcase TV have announced a new collaboration that will focus on extending the companies’ product lines, specifically in the area of video-over-IP.

iphrame Vision

Bluebell is a fiber-optics designer for broadcast, telecommunications and satellite industries based in Berkshire, England. Suitcase TV, headquartered in Suffolk, England, is a software solutions manufacturer for the broadcasting industry.

Their collaboration has already yielded one new product, the iphrame Vision, which combines Bluebell’s stand-alone portable interfacing with Suitcase TV’s IP-based vision mixing solutions.

Bluebell and Suitcase TV are expected to formally release the iphrame Vision and other joint products at IBC 2015.