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Blackmagic Announces New Router Panel

Blackmagic Design has announced the availability of a new control panel for its Videohub router product. The Videohub Smart Control was designed to provide maximum functionality at a very low cost. It retails for $495, yet provides users with features found on control panels selling for thousands of dollars.

The Videohub Smart Control features 40 illuminated push buttons that can be set to any router output. The panel includes a USB port and easy-to-use setup software for both Windows and Mac platforms.

The panel was designed both for ease of use and ease of installation. It uses standard Ethernet networking protocol and plugs directly into an existing computer network. The panel’s buttons are illuminated by both white and RGB LEDs, allowing users to create a wide range of color combinations to suit individual needs. It may be powered via a Power over Ethernet arrangement, or by an included 12 Volt power supply. Additional information is available at the Blackmagic Design Web site,