Television Broadcast Launches Revamped Top Innovator Series

This year will mark the launch of a new version of the Television Broadcast Top Innovator franchise. Instead of focusing exclusively on technology presented on the NAB exhibit floor, we would like to recognize the 10 individuals, companies, TV stations or technologies that have most recently had the greatest impact on the adoption and delivery of HDTV. These are the movers and shakers, power players, thought leaders, technical wizards and rain makers leading the industry into the digital era. They represent the year’s HD Power Players.

Recipients will be selected by the staff of Television Broadcast based on input and feedback from a cadre of industry experts and observers, and our own keen view. These recipients will be selected for their particular encouragement, support, enhancement and/or development of high-definition technology and awareness. They will be considered instrumental in advancing the phenomenon of HDTV.

The list will be announced at 2008 NAB in Las Vegas Wednesday, April 16; those selected will be profiled in the June issue of Television Broadcast magazine.