Bexel Readies for Winter Games With Panasonic VariCams

Bexel, a Vitec Group Services Division unit, has announced the addition of additional Panasonic P2 HD VariCam camcorders to its supply of rental equipment in order to meet anticipated equipment demands for the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Bexel has acquired more than 20 of the Panasonic HPX3700 and HPX2700 camcorders, along with HPM200 P2 edit stations, PCD35 P2 readers and a large supply of P2 storage cards.

“This purchase of the Panasonic HD camera equipment is extremely timely considering this new gear will immediately go into service at the Vancouver Winter Olympics,” said Craig Schiller, Bexel’s vice president and general manager. “The 2700’s and 3700’s are known for being durable, reliable camcorders, especially in the extreme weather conditions that are common in Vancouver. The addition of this premium equipment helps us further service our clients’ demand for the latest in HD camera technology.”

Bexel expects the Panasonic gear to be in demand for other sports-related production work also.

“Our clients want a turnkey workflow for production, specifically sports coverage, that requires a fast turnaround,” Schiller said. “These new additions to the Bexel inventory will help provide our clients with the immediate access they need in order to complete file transfers quickly into AVID, FCP and EVS edit workflows, which helps reduce turnaround time while preserving the native quality.”

Burbank, Calif,-based Bexel is a provider of a range of broadcast services, including equipment rentals, repairs and used equipment sales.