Bexel Provides Fiber for Olympics

The installation began last October.
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The installation began last October.
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In preparation for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Bexel, a Vitec Group Services Division company, has been busy manufacturing and installing fiber optic cable. The installation began last October.

Because terminating (cutting the line and attaching a connector) a fiber cable can account for a significant portion of install time, Bexel pre-terminated much of the cable to be used in Vancouver at their production facility in Dallas, though some cables required to be terminated on-site.

Six Bexel crew members have been in Vancouver full-time since November, working on the over 8,000 terminations/fusion splices, 340 cables and 135 optical distribution frames (patch panels). Altogether, this accounts for about 48 miles of cable throughout the entire Olympic compound.

Bexel is also providing equipment to transmit the signal from cameras at mountaintop event venues to production trucks located over three miles away.