BarnFind Gets Nod from Riot Games for Fiber-Optics Platform

SANDEFJORD, NORWAY – BarnFind Technologies, the Norway-based manufacturer of fiber-optic transport platforms, will provide its BarnOne flagship series for Riot Games’ new media center in Los Angeles. Riot Games is the creator of the online game ‘League of Legends.’

With over 67 million international players logging in each month, more than 27 million playing each day, Riot Games was looking for a fiber transport system that could transport 24 channels of digital coax signals and 4 channels of analog coax signals, both in any combination and Point-to-Point with edge routing at both points. Also, each channel needed to user configurable to transmit or receive and the system needed to be field expendable and user configurable to accommodate future facility needs.

The BarnOne BTF1-02 and BTF1-06 met these requirements and were installed into the 250,000 square foot location via four 1RU rack mount frames in two areas. The system was launched in late January and has consistently been in use five days a week to bring live broadcasts of ‘League of Legends’ tournaments across the world.