Barco shows projector for small screens

Barco has introduced the DP-1200, the latest of its DP series of video projectors. With a .98in DLP Cinema chip from Texas Instruments, the DP-1200 is advertised as an ideal projector for small venues needing screens up to 40ft.

Barco said the DP-1200 builds on the strengths of its DP-1500 and DP-2000 platforms. In the DP-1200, Barco paid particular attention to optimizing operating costs by making low-wattage 2kW and 1.2kW lamps available for use.

The DP-1200 incorporates a motorized single lens, optimal protection of the optics and low ventilation requirements. Its communicator software and SNMP agent provide customers with an easy key to operate their digital cinema projector.

Across the DP-2000, DP-1500 and DP-1200 line, Barco offers spare parts commonality, high reliability and a common user interface.

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