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Barco ships FSN multiformat video production switcher

The FSN series from Barco is now shipping its FSN series video production switcher, a multiresolution, 3Gb/s-ready production switcher that combines advanced video switching functionality with the power of Barco’s high-quality image processing. By seamlessly integrating SD, HD and 3Gb/s video along with computer graphics formats, the FSN series provides a feature-rich, streamlined package that’s modular and easy to use.

The FSN series is introduced with the FSN-150, a 1.5M/E control console, and the FSN-1400, a 14-slot video processing chassis. The base configuration includes one eight-channel native input card and one two-channel universal input card that are capable of accepting any video or computer format. The base system also includes the M/E output card that provides program, preset, clean-feed and six native aux outputs. In addition to the cards included in the base model, users can currently add up to five additional input cards for a maximum of 38 inputs. The intuitive touch-screen GUI is also standard in the base configuration.

Barco will continue to enhance this platform in the near future with additional cards to extend the capability of the FSN switcher. Future releases will include a two-channel 2-D DVE card, a 16-channel fully integrated multiviewer card, a two-channel universal output card and an eight-channel native output card. The FSN-250, a larger, more powerful 2.5M/E console, will also be released by the summer of 2009, providing access to the additional full M/E circuitry.