Avid Introduces NEXIS | EDGE For Remote Post-Production Workflows

(Image credit: Avid)

BURLINGTON, Mass.—Avid today unveiled Avid NEXIS | EDGE, a collaborative post-production solution that enables secure remote access to media and metadata to enable post-production teams to work from anywhere.

Post-production team members can work together from separate locations while accessing the same collaborative workflows they’ve relied upon when working together on premise, Avid said.

“As content creation teams continue to adapt to the realities of the global pandemic, they are looking for ways to connect and collaborate without having to be co-located within facilities,” said David Colantuoni, vice president of product management at Avid.

“That is exactly what Avid NEXIS | EDGE delivers – and more. With Avid NEXIS | EDGE, post-production teams can easily collaborate from anywhere, tapping into the proven Avid workflows that have only been available on premises up until now.”

The new product enables video editors to work concurrently from anywhere on the same video content, sharing metadata and media stored on Avid NEXIS. Automatic conversion of media content to lightweight streaming formats makes it possible to edit remotely in real time via a standard internet connection. Editors also have the ability to download media for disconnected operation, the company said.

Producers can browse and review content using Avid NEXIS | EDGE Web Client. Assistants can use the web client to find media, organize projects, edit clips and storyboard sequences. For editors who use Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid NEXIS | EDGE is accessible using the Premiere Pro Editing Connector, the company said.

Avid NEXIS | EDGE integrates directly with Media Composer | Enterprise, which allows centralized, role-based administration. With simple web-based tools, administrators can control access to content and editing tools. With Media Composer | Enterprise, team members can enjoy customized user experiences, tailored to their needs and role in the workflow, it said.

With Avid NEXIS | EDGE, post-production facilities can enable their teams to work from anywhere, tap Into a global talent pool and uncomplicate workflows. The new offering enables users to switch from working with proxies to high-res media and vice versa with a single button click, the company said.

“…[F]or the thousands of Avid NEXIS systems installed worldwide, adding these powerful, new workflow capabilities is easy – just deploy Avid NEXIS | EDGE software, and you are off and running,” said Colantuoni.

Avid NEXIS | EDGE capabilities will be included with subscriptions to Media Composer | Enterprise. The Avid NEXIS | EDGE Web Client and Premiere Pro Editing Connector will be available as a subscription.

The company will conduct a webcast on the new product Feb. 9 at 1 p.m. Registration is available online (opens in new tab). It also will preview NEXIS | EDGE at the HPA Tech Retreat in Rancho Mirage, Calif., Feb. 21-24.

More information is available on the company’s website (opens in new tab).

Phil Kurz

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