Autoscript unveils CountPlus, CuePlus prompter accessories

Autoscript launched CountPlus and CuePlus, two new prompting accessories to make studio life easier for on-screen talent, at the 2011 NAB Show. CuePlus caters to those with color vision impairments, while CountPlus is a flexible time code and countdown generator. The products were designed and produced in house by Autoscript as a direct result of customer feedback.

CuePlus is a tally accessory that provides both a selectable color range and multiple color states. The ability to select from a range of colors addresses the needs of talent with color vision impairments, such as color blindness. The CuePlus can be mounted on and powered directly from Autoscript’s LED line of prompters.

The CountPlus time code generator, time code inserter and up/down count generator is designed for use in conjunction with Autoscript’s ClockPlus time code display.