ATG Broadcasts expands TV4 Sweden

ATG Broadcast has begun work on a contract from TV4 Sweden to install and commission a sports channel. The contract includes the provision of comprehensive new routing and output chain infrastructure in preparation for full multichannel delivery.

TV4 was one of the world's first broadcasters to implement automated disk-based playout. The new installation centers on an Omnibus Colossus multichannel transmission system, interlinked with TV4's existing Omnibus automation equipment. This will be used initially to transmit the sports channel, and will be expanded to cover all TV4's transmission in a later phase of the project.

Ingest and play-to-air will be via an Omneon Video Storage Network comprising three gigabit Ethernet enabled Media Servers using the Omneon Extended File System. This allows all output channels to have simultaneous access to all files on the system, and provides a highly fault tolerant, redundant system with no single point of failure. Eyeheight PresTX modular mixers will be used for presentation, and the transmission chains will include Eyeheight logo inserters and VI-1000 video index inserters together with Cavena SDI subtitle keyers and teletext inserters.

The new studio and control room will be open to public view behind a glass wall adjacent to the main reception area at TV4's Stockholm headquarters. An Omnibus Columbus automation system will be used to precompile complex graphics packages and news items, and as a manual assist system for studio transmissions.

Running orders will be generated by the journalists within an ENPS Newsroom system and downloaded to Columbus via a MOS Gateway. Graphics information will also be generated in the ENPS system using Vertigo Xmedia ActiveX windows. Templates will be created for the journalists to use, and Xmedia will pass the data to Pinnacle DecoCast for rendering, playout remaining under Columbus control.

A Snell & Wilcox Golden Dave vision mixer and Yamaha DM2000 digital audio mixer will be used in the studio. A Zandar FusionPro image splitter will allow up to 26 sources to be viewed simultaneously on a 50-inch Panasonic plasma display, and audio monitoring will be via Genelec loudspeakers. TV4's Trilogy Commander talkback system will be expanded to provide all communication requirements.

Custom Consoles will supply control room furniture.

TV4 operates a 24-hour terrestrial and satellite transmission schedule that will continue uninterrupted during the installation, due to be completed in January 2003.

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