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ATEN Technology makes available DVI extenders, video splitters, switches

Keyboard/video/mouse and remote connectivity solutions provider ATEN Technology recently made available its new lineup of DVI extenders, video splitters and switches.

The VS0404 is a four-port video matrix switch that outputs audio and video from four separate computers to four sources including monitors, projectors and speakers.

The VE600 DVI video extender allows the user to extend the distance between DVI sources and display devices by as much as 100ft and supports extending stereo audio with the video as well as computer resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 (SXGA) and HDTV resolutions up to 1080i. The VE150 DVI video extender includes a local transmitting unit and a remote receiving unit that are connected by standard Cat 5e cables.

The VS162/164 are two- and four-port DVI video splitters that duplicate and boost the signals from a single DVI video and audio source to two DVI displays and audio outputs; they feature audio support and can by daisy chained for additional viewing.

The two- and four-port VS261/VS461 DVI switches combine a DVI video switch with quality stereo audio. They eliminate the need for separate display and audio setups as well as offer the capability to switch among two media sources and output on a single DVI display and set of multimedia speakers.

The eight-port VS881 video switch allows users to switch between eight different computer video signals using a single VGA display. It also serves as a signal booster, increasing the distance of the video signal up to 215ft.

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