ARRI Unveils Orbiter Docking Ring, Accessories

(Image credit: ARRI)

STEPHANSKIRCHEN, Germany—ARRI today introduced several new additions to its Orbiter LED luminaire, including the Orbiter Docking Ring, the Orbiter Bag-o-Light, Orbiter Glass Cover and Orbiter Dome Mini.

The Orbiter Docking Ring is an accessory enhancement that expands the toolbox of lighting designers and DPs. By enabling the Orbiter to accept various industry standard, third-party optics, the new Docking Ring enlarges the fixture’s application possibilities, the company said.

The optical design of the Orbiter Docking Ring boosts the performance of older tools in output, optical performance and homogeneity. The new docking ring makes it possible for users to apply their currently owned optics on the Orbiter as an alternative to ARRI optics while still benefiting from ARRI lighting, it said.

The adapter connects without any additional tools onto the QLM of every Orbiter. The luminaire automatically recognizes the Docking Ring. Light output is automatically adjusted to the best performance, the company said. 

Third-party optics can be attached easily without any tools required. A built-in automatic, low-noise cooling fan keeps third-party optics safe, it said.

A wide range of optics, including projection optics, Fresnel and Cyc-optics weighing up to 17.4 pounds, can be attached. The 2.2-pound Docking Ring measures 9.7 x 8.9 x 3.4 inches. The Docking Ring, available in black, is only needed to attach third-party optics and is not needed when using ARRI optics and accessories, the company said.

The Orbiter Bag-o-Light creates pleasing, soft and nearly shadow-free illumination. The accessory, which looks like a huge tube, can be attached to Orbiter’s 15-degree Open Face optic. Useful for close-up applications in motion picture and photography, the Orbiter Bag-o-Light is 6.75 inches long and nearly 9 inches in diameter when inflated. It weighs 1.89 pounds, the company said.

The Orbiter Glass Cover is a small, compact, lightweight optical accessory that allows for unrestricted light output without affecting color temperature or quality. 

The Orbiter Dome Mini provides high-quality omnidirectional light at a high intensity. The light it produces is great for near distance applications with limited available space, it said.

More information is available on the company’s website (opens in new tab).

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