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ARRI, da Vinci Systems To Debut Restoration Solution

Coral Springs, FL--da Vinci Systems has teamed with ARRI to develop an end-to-end solution that allows users to input film into a data environment, then perform restoration and color enhancement processes, and output the finished material to SD and HD video or 35 mm film--all from a single interface.
The integrated technologies simplify the post-production workflow with support for products already in use at many post-production suites and provide a cost-effective system for DI, SD, and HD mastering.
"We are very excited to have partnered with ARRI to create a system that provides RGBY 16-bit depth and 4K resolution for the ultimate quality level possible in today's market," said Peter Glassberg, da Vinci's vice president of sales. "By coupling ARRI and da Vinci's industry leading technologies, we've provided users with a high-performance toolset for finishing film projects in the data format, at an attractive price point."
With the integrated technologies, professionals at post-production, editorial, and visual effects facilities are able to utilize the combined systems to scan material into the data format with the ARRISCAN film scanner onto a storage subsystem. From there, the da Vinci system enables users to pull the stored material directly into da Vinci's Revival restoration platform and new software-based Resolve color enhancement package. Following finishing using da Vinci toolsets, the data material can be used directly for digital cinema playback, or it can be transferred to the ARRI film recorder for cinematic release or formatted in Resolve for SD or HD video mastering.
"We're pleased that we at ARRI and da Vinci, two leaders in the film and video industry, have successfully combined our products to build an end-to-end system that features the latest in both CMOS scanning and color enhancement technologies," said Stefan Kramper, ARRI's director of sales and marketing. "By using ARRISCAN DPX files including timecode information, the DI workflow from data conforming to color grading becomes more efficient. Since the system can be configured to utilize common storage, it is well-positioned to become a vital part of a facility's digital intermediate backbone."
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