APWMayville to Introduce Stantron Broadcast Rack at NAB

APWMayville, a leader in rack and enclosure solutions for the broadcast, audio/visual, security, data communications and telecommunications industries, will introduce its Stantron Broadcast Rack at the upcoming NAB2006 convention (Booth #SL2132, Las Vegas Convention Center, April 24-27). The Stantron Broadcast Rack reflects many system integration trends related to broadcasters’ requirements for rack space efficiency. Available in a variety of heights and depths, the Stantron Broadcast Rack has a flexible design with unmatched rack density, whether for television or radio, digital or analog.

The Stantron Broadcast Rack is a low profile, 22” wide solution with a host of user-friendly features to ease installation for systems integrators and broadcast engineers. Stantron Broadcast Racks offer a sturdy design and streamlined appearance. With a durable powder coat finish and lifetime guarantee, integrators and operators have confidence that their rack will fit their needs for years to come.

“APWMayville’s Stantron Broadcast Rack has evolved to become the most user-friendly rack solution on the market thanks to considerable feedback from industry professionals and customers during the design process,” said Daniel Eder, President of APWMayville. “The Stantron Broadcast Rack is highly customizable, setting it apart from other racks that are available only in standard designs.

“Stantron had been the de facto standard in broadcast rack systems. APWMayville has modernized the Stantron design to once again make it the most integration-friendly rack system available for broadcast television and radio facilities. There is no better solution on the market today for integrators and broadcasters who are building high-density racks needing flexible wire management, power distribution, and cooling options.”

With equipment profiles decreasing in size, the amount of cabling required to successfully integrate a broadcast system has increased. Horizontal lacing brackets simplify the management of cables by spreading them from front to back. The integrator can tie cables in strategic areas to accommodate a narrower space.

The Stantron Broadcast Rack offers a wealth of additional features, including:

  • Thin profile power strips for space savings in high-density wiring applications.
  • A wide variety of cooling fans and devices to insure temperature control.
  • Standard and customizable filler panels to plug open spaces and provide a continuous, clean look.
  • Heavy duty shelves to accommodate non-rack-mountable units with larger weight load capacities.
  • Internal lighting for engineers and operators changing front panel settings of various rack equipment.
  • Top and rear mountable fan panels assist airflow through the rack system and keep terminal gear within its proper operating temperature range.

    APWMayville will bring a variety of other rack and enclosure solutions to NAB2006, including:

    Audio-Video Rack, offering low-profile solutions available in several heights and depths, for Conference Room, Small Office and Home Office applications.
    The Pioneer Enclosure Cabinet, available in “Pre-Configured” and “Configure Your Own” versions. Both versions are ideal for multi-bay broadcast applications with potential for growth and expandability.
    The Frontier™ Series of Sloped Consoles, designed with a 19-degree sloped front for easy viewing of monitors and use of broadcast and/or production equipment.
    A vast selection of accessories, including doors, shelves, drawers, side panels, instrument cabinets, and modular writing desks, to allow customization of the enclosures and consoles to varying specifications.