AMV Serves Up U.S. Open Coverage With PESA Router

HUNTSVILLE, ALA.—All Mobile Video, a New York-based production company, is prepping for the upcoming U.S. Open tennis tournament and has decided to go with PESA’s Cheetah 288XE coax and fiber routing switcher and DRS digital audio routing system as part of its international distribution system.

AMV will use the PESA router to receive signals from the host broadcaster and distribute them to on-site and off-site United State Tennis Association clients. The production company will house the router in a trailer across from Arthur Ashe Stadium.

The Cheetah router features 288 inputs and 480 outputs. During the tournament AMV expects the router to receive 90 video and audio sources from the host broadcaster, as well as more from on-site broadcasters and monitoring inputs for a total of 272 inputs. This will result in embedding and de-embedding of audio, much of which will be in MADI format. The router supports both fiber and coax I/O for cable management flexibility, and fiber sources can be connected directly to each frame.

The U.S. Open tennis tournament will begin on Aug. 29 at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Flushing Meadows, N.Y.